a white picket fence

I have a house with a white picket fence, literally and metaphorically speaking. I only just thought about this fact today, not the literal obvious paint peeling white picket fence, but the heart [...]


Today I bought a coffee table book on Paris. It’s architecture and history fascinate me. I almost went there once. I had travelled around the U.K with my dad for about eight weeks, my toddler and [...]


I took this photo as it seemed to express how thing are around here at the moment. Art versus real life. I am always trying to get the balance right here on the home front. It can be easy to get [...]


I am having a write up put in my local paper and for this it I was questioned about success. Not that I am an expert in success, but I do value any success I have had. Here was my answer; [...]

art versus sport?

In my house art and sport co exist quite seamlessly. My husband is a lover of sport and as I have often had my “studio” space in our family lounge rooms, I have sat many hours painting and [...]