My artwork is generally made in response to the things that happen to me, the people around me and the places I visit. Increasingly I am making work intuitively and the subject matter reveals itself to me as I go along. It is usually the things that are difficult to express in words that find themselves laid bare on the canvas in front of me. Since childhood I have been drawn to architectural forms, geometric shapes and structured patterns. I also find pleasure in decaying and harsh places, places which engage all the senses and beg further contemplation.

I was born in Brisbane, QLD. My father was a minister and a teacher and my mother a talented musician. My family moved frequently during my early childhood. These moves spanned across several states of Australia. Eventually we settled in Katherine, in the Northern Territory and it was there I spent my formative teen and early adult years, staying on after my parents divorced and relocated.

The twelve years that I lived in the Northern Territory had a big influence on my creative life. It was there that I began painting seriously. I was involved with an Aboriginal Art Gallery and developed friendships with several indigenous artists. These experiences along with the unique landscape and my own challenging life circumstances in the Northern Territory, had quite an impact on the content and the visual component of my early work.
I left Katherine in 2005 and after living in NSW for a time, I settled with my husband and (now) five children in rural Victoria.

To date I have had seven solo exhibitions.

The June Tapp Arts Space, Katherine, Northern Territory. Art Moment Gallery, Bondi Beach, Sydney. Mimosa Gallery, Glen Innes, New South Wales. Hope & Co Gallery, Hamilton, Victoria. Art Expo New York, New York. Rtist Gallery, Prahran, Melbourne. And most recently (Oct 2015) at the Hamilton Regional Art Gallery.
My paintings have also been shown in many group shows, most recently being an exhibition at the Scott Livesey Gallery in Melbourne.
In addition to my studio artworks, I am working more and more on a larger scale, painting murals and developing ideas for installation pieces. I aim to further my skills in these areas and therefore over time, expand my creative scope.


(Photo courtesy of Danielle Thomas)

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