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Most of you will not need an introduction to the lovely Sara Storer, country music star and all round great girl. I met Sara when we were both living in Katherine in the Northern Territory. Sara was teaching at a local school and had just started playing and singing her original songs. In all honesty, I must say that at the time I was quite jealous, as she was so very good! Fast forward a few years and look how well she’s done for herself. Must say I’m proud to call her a friend.

It was lovely to catch up with Sara and find out a bit more about her life as it is now and it was extra nice to find her as humble and down to earth as ever, if you don’t have any of her music, well hop & skip online and get shopping!

Can you tell me briefly about how the music started for you? 

I first learnt three chords on guitar from a friend in Year eleven and I wrote my first song in 1995 when I was inspired by an old buffalo shooter in Cammoweal. I continued to write songs about my life in Northern Australia. I then entered a talent quest at Adelaide River Northern Territory and won a prize which gave me entry into the Country Music College in Tamworth. The college gave me access to many influential people who helped me start my career and obtain a record deal with ABC Records. The Music Industry and my listeners have given me a decade to sing…so far.

You have a family now, tell me how has this changed what you do? Any tips for combining success & children/family?

Family has changed what I do by making everything harder. I have become more organized ten fold. Three trolleys now for luggage instead of one. Straight home after a gig! Songwriting when I’m not tired or changing nappies. Getting over destroying two weeks of routine at home, to life on the road…NO ROUTINE.

Tips, You can have it both ways. You just have to mange your time! I’m still working on that one…because children take up your time 24/7, and if your a stay at home mum you never stop doing! So your washing might be done, but, that song is still sitting in your brain waiting for release … I should say…No.1 hit is sitting in your brain.

How does a typical day unfold, whats your fav part? 

Typical Day… 6 – 7 am, Wakey Wakey, Thomas first. Coffee. Brekky. Get dressed. Ten loads of washing. Gym. Swimming lessons. Playgroup. Coffee with friends… Lunch at home… Try and get the kids to have an arvo nap around 2pm, so I can watch Days of our Lives in peace! Cont……. cleaning.

From 5.30 pm…bathtime 1, dinner, bathtime 2, books and bed!

Dave and I will try and eat with Harry, but from 8pm most nights its TV or chatting on our little balcony with an amazing view of Darwin!

Who/what inspires you?

My songwriting is inspired by life really. Things I do, see and hear. I am also inspired when I listen to another artist and hear a fantastic song. That then makes me want to write a good song. Today its finding the time that is the difficult thing!

Oh and meeting Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

Highest points of your life so far… I’m sure you have had a few!

Highest points… Family beats everything I’ve done. Career highlights would be working with amazing artists like John Williamson, Paul Kelly, The Waifs, Suzanne Vega and more. Most gigs leave you on a high. Some are extremely memorable… The night I won 7 Golden Guitars was very fun.

Most interesting person you have met in your travels?

Interesting person… Hard one. Have met so many interesting people. I will have to get back to you on that one.

Dream gig? Dream achievement?

Oh dream gig would be performing with Alison Krauss and Union Station…/ Another album of 12 or more originals that don’t mention nappy changing in every song!

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