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I recently finished a commission piece which I had the pleasure of doing for a friend. It was a really enjoyable process and we started by talking about aspects she liked in previous paintings of mine that she would like to duplicate in her own work. She gave me measurements and I had some linen stretched to her specified size. Once we worked out the visuals the rest of the process flowed along pretty easily with little add ins here and there. Our wonderful technology (an iphone) made the job even easier as I was able to send frequent “wip” work in progress shots to make sure I was on track with what she wanted. Anyhow, it was a great creative and collaborative process and I am hoping to start doing more of this kind of work. I have been eyeing off large blank walls all my life and more so now than ever. A dream commission would be a mural size painting, a work on a grand scale!
Anyhow, be in touch folks!

Ps.. The text was an extra touch, a bit of verse to explain deeper the meaning behind the title we chose for the painting “around the corner”









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  • Petrena

    The painting is just fab she must be very happy with it. I love your night skies. Well done Jasmine and the poem is just beautiful and true of life. I spoke to Caprice the other night and she was saying that Stephen has booked their return flight so I was vey happy to hear that as I was concerned their stay might of dragged on over school time. anyway back to work. We have had a great year so far lots of families coming in by word of mouth over the holidays. Just had a big mob of school kids from Kyabram Vic. They come up every year and go to aboriginal communities a bit like Caprice did in New Guinea. Cheers

    • Jasmine

      thank you Petrena.. The night sky was one of the specific requests for the painting to include!!!

  • Lucy

    I agree that it was great collaborative experience, and that I the painting turned out better than I could have imagined. Having seen Jasmine’s past work I had a pretty good idea of what i was after, however I was a little unsure at the start about how Jasmine would take my non-artistic, seemingly suburban ideas. In the end I had nothing to worry about, Jasmine was really accommodating and seemed to intuitively pick up what I liked. The painting will ultimately hang within the window frame of a built-in porch, with a view of the back of the painting from my pantry, so my last request was for something interesting, wise or funny written on the back. Jasmine called me and we discussed the origins of our ideas that had created the painting. This was beautifully captured in poetry by Jas, giving the painting a whole new dimension of loveliness that I will enjoy every time I go get the sugar or cornflakes. Thank you Jasmine, you’ve created an object that warms my heart and will no doubt become a family heirloom. Lxx

    • Jasmine

      Thank you for your feedback Lucy! The process was just as enjoyable for me, as you already know.. I hope you are taken to a happy place very time you look at your painting.. and who knows what lies around the corner !!
      Jasmine xx

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