Car, Bus, Train, Plane, (then back again)….

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For years I lived in the Northern territory, where I travelled big distances to go anywhere. So now, living three and a half hours from Melbourne, everything feels close.

I was in Sydney recently, and I lay awake last night thinking about the time I spent in transit to get from country Victoria to Bondi Beach, and at the risk of boring you to death, here it is;

-two and a half hours in my car to get to the nearest train station.
-an hour and a bit on that aforementioned train to Melbourne.
-15 mins on the airport shuttle bus,
-catch the Sydney bound plane, spend an hour and a half in the air,
-arrive and take the airport train to Central Station
-train to Bondi Junction,
-then finally, the bus down to Bondi Beach itself.

I don’t mind travelling though. Having four kids means I use time alone wisely.  I listen to podcasts and audiobooks, I draw, read and write, but, most of all, I think freely. Some of my best ideas come to me while I am surrounded by unfamiliar faces and places. Out of my comfort zone and on the road.
What about you, what journeys do you make? How do you pass time when your away from home?

P.S This has to be my fav pic from my Sydney trip, of Anne Newstead from Cooee Art Gallery, artist Linda Jackson, and myself, looking very hard at something on my computer.


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  • petrena ariston

    Yes I like tralvelling and not having to really do anything but get to my destination. I can just look at others doing their thing or get into a good book. Just have to make sure you get to plane bus etc at the right time. Rremember out trip to Bondi in 2003 I think it was. Car to Darwin Red eye flight to sydney train to Bondi and we only lost one thong!!! Then three days later another train trip to Tamworth. Such wonderful memories of those times I will always cherish.

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