“Creativity within Chaos” (with Rachel Power & myself)

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Hi guys,

Well the long weekend has left me feeling like I am just chasing my tail this week. I actually need all five days! Also, on the said long weekend my husband and I went to Ed Sheeran, our first night away together childless in almost TEN years. This was great, but it has meant our youngest has been super clingy and so I let him stay home with me, instead of going to kindy (he is only three). The result has been a fairly unproductive and “Chaotic” kind of work week. 

The show goes on though and I have always just created amongst the chaos and the disruptions, because I learnt a long time ago that there is no “right” time to do creative work! 

Now, to the point of my blog post. If you have been around here a while, you may have read my 2014 post about the author Rachel Power and her book THE DIVIDED HEART.

Because long before I wrote my own book, I was obsessed with other people’s stories of being a creative parent. I was desperate to get the balance right and find out what the best ways for me to work were. 

So fast forward to now. Rachel has become a lovely friend. She was generous enough to email me back and forth all that time ago when I was a fan, and then to read and critique my book “THERE IS A PAINTBRUSH IN MY COFFEE” before it was published recently.

So, it is with much excitement that I can share that Rachel is coming to do a book talk alongside myself on the topic of CREATIVITY AND CHAOS at Blarney Books and Art, which Jo has organised for this coming Saturday, the 17th of March (4-6pm).

If you are free to come I encouraged you to do so, it will be a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk about this really important topic of creativity, which I passionately believe everyone needs more of in day to day life. MEN are also welcome!!!

To cover Rachel’s travel costs, this is a ticketed event, so please register with Blarney Books; HERE.

We have also put together a raffle to raise funds for Cool Earth.org  

In it are some great products from; Grotti Lotti, Grampians Goods Co, Meg Nicholson, Bright Bird Expresso, Blarney Books, I got Gorgeous and products from myself and a few bottles of local wine. 

Come along if you can and don’t be shy, say hi!

Jasmine X

The author Rachel Power with her own children.. photo taken from the book

“The Divided Heart” by Rachel Power

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