how can it be JUNE? (giveaway & whats for sale)

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Does anyone else feel like this year is going by way to fast?

Well for me it feels like time is flying on by, life is busy on the home front, split between my various painting commitments and family stuff. The last little while has seen me doing local Community Arts stuff here in Hamilton, hanging out with the girls at the Creative Women’s Circleย in Melbourne, speaking to the Rotary club about my work, signing up to teach screen printing at my local TAFE and the hardest of all, putting my two youngest into daycare for a full day, so I can have unbroken daylight hours to focus on the business of painting.

And, another thing I have been doing again is screen printing. And so I am having a giveaway, over on both my facebook page and my instagram page. Links to these are on the front page of my website.

To freshen us all up, we had a well deserved break this Queens b’day long weekend and took ourselves to Robe, with a stop in the totally yarn bombed Penola along the way. Penola is in the heart of Coonawarra wine country and so the cellar door in the main street was a car stopper for me. Anyhow, there really is never such a thing as a break with four kids in tow, more just a change of scenery, which is as good as anything. We went caving in Naracoorte, played on the icy yet beautiful beach, went to a CFA burn off bonfire and swam in a freezing (yet heated) pool. We ate to much chocolate, drank, played UNO and generally enjoyed our surroundings.

Robe 2013

Robe 2013


CFA bonfire 2013

CFA bonfire 2013


youngest & oldest, Naracoorte Caves

youngest & oldest, Naracoorte Caves

But, I am back at it today, a dozen washing loads later! I know I need to start thinking about all the things June means, tax of course, but, as well as that, four out of six of our immediate family members have birthdays in the three weeks that are the end of June/early July, so this means presents and cake and parties and all that good stuff, in one little concentrated time. It is also bloody expensive! Makes tax time look easy really.

My inventory at least, will be easy, I have several paintings available for sale through the Rtist Gallery in Melbourne, and a grand total of four New York pieces left in the studio. If anyone is interested (for example you are one of the lucky ones who has to SPEND money prior to June 30) please get in touch for availability and price! Imagine how much brighter your office etc would be with one of my original paintings! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks guys & happy tuesday!

p.s a big hi to all my new subscribers!

jasmine x

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