How to make a dinosaur toy!

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my gorgeous dinosaur loving girl...

my gorgeous dinosaur loving girl…

I wanted to share with you a little project I did recently. My little girl really loves dinosaurs and so I made her a stuffed one she could take to bed. It was pretty simple to make and took me two evenings (after said sweet girl was in bed). I started by doing a bit of a google search, I found this website and followed it loosely, check it out if you’d like to make one yourself. Making it went something like this;photo-22 photo-23 photo-24 photo-25 photo-27


I was pretty pleased with my efforts, especially given that sewing is not my number one craft. The new dinosaur was well received and taken to bed that night.photo-21

Have a great week everyone, I am about to spend the rest of my evening putting the final touches on a quote for a BIG mural I am in the process of planning… Very exciting… and if you want to know why I am so happy about having a wall to paint; just watch this clip I made in February this year…

Jasmine x

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  • Shan

    So clever and multi talented!!! I think we should do a re-make of my formal dress?? lol 🙂 xxx

    • Jasmine

      I reckon I would have a much better chance of it looking ok these days Shan, but it still wouldn’t be worthy of your beauty xx

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