Introducing Curatorial & Co (new paintings available for sale).

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I am very pleased to announce (YAY!, YES!, YAY!), that I am now working with Sophie Vander from the Sydney based  Curatorial & Co. Sophie has some great talent on her books and I am super excited to have been included in her line up. 

You can find out more about Curatorial & Co and check out my profile here, and if you have a mural project or other idea you would like me to work on, you can get in touch with with Sophie at; hello@curatorialandco.com

Have you heard about Art Money yet? it is a great way to kind of “laybuy” paintings you like. You can use Art Money to buy my work, (just ask Sophie for more info).

Do stayed tuned as I have some fun things I have been working on/involved in to reveal very shortly! One of them involves this place here…  (maybe I just gave something away?)(another yay, yay, yay)!

Below is a lovely photo of Sophie and I, which was taken after I spoke at the Mama Creatives event in Sydney a few months ago. I love her enthusiastic, get up and go personality and I am looking forward to seeing what we get up to together!      

Jasmine X                                                                                                                                Photo credit to Kat Rollings.

Did you know I have a book for sale?


You can read reviews (or leave one), or purchase it HERE


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