Learning to screen print with Rachel Castle

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So I mentioned in a previous blog that I went to Sydney to learn to screen print. I was fortunate enough to be able to learn from one of the best… Rachel Castle. Here are some photos taken from my time at The School. Generously shared with me by the talented Maya Vidulich, who you can find on instagram under; pics_missmaya, following will not disappoint as her photos are beautiful.

I have recently started putting my new screen printing skills to use and I am loving the results. I love that the surface/application is still controlled and that the image can still be so neat and tidy. I have a new weapon in my armour, expect to see some of the finished pieces here soon.

Hope this post finds you all well…. Jas x.

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  • Petrena

    looks like fun though your last reaction has me worried!!!

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