my arty christmas wish list…..

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Well I had someone ask me the other day what I would like for christmas, to which I replied, “don’t worry about me, I have everything I need”. It was a little while later that I got thinking hard about this and I realised, yes I do have everything I need, but, things I want, well, what would my dream christmas wish list look like, I put one together and it looked a little like this;

“Dog on a Donkey” by US artist Sharon Furman.. Love this for it’s simplicity and because it reminds me of christmas. Her work is also affordable!



What about the lovely Miranda Skoczek? I would take a scrap from her table, but, this painting would have to be one of my all time favourites.



Another artist whose work I love is Katie Young, her portraiture is beautiful, delicate yet tough at the same time. I love this piece.



When I was at semi permanent I was introduced to the world of another US artist Magdalena Wosinska, a photographer whose work pushes all sorts of boundries. I like her work for its sense of fun.



And last but not least is the cheerful and happy work of Rachel Castle, I have a few pillowcases, but, one day I would love an RC original on my wall…….




Well, I am aware that there are a lot more paintings out there that could fall into my “want” list, especially as I seem to be gathering more and more talented friends! And, maybe my art will be on someone else’s “want’ list.. who knows, life is good and I feel pretty blessed this christmas. I hope your’s is a good one and you have everything you “need”…

thanks for following my adventures this year, I am sure next year will be bigger and better!

Jasmine xx

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