New Paintings for Sale

 In 19 Karen Gallery, paintings for sale

Hi Guys,

This is a super quick Friday afternoon post to let you all know that I have two brand new works on their way to the 19 Karen Gallery on the Gold Coast. I am really excited about working with this Gallery as I remember visiting them quite a few years ago now and thinking it would be a wonderful place to show my work.

The group show they are in opens on the 4th of Dec, but are available for pre purchase. Simply email Terri at terri@19karen.com.au to find out more! 

Also I am selling small works every Friday, HERE these are $330 each and don’t usually last very long so keep an eye on my social media for when they go up!

I have been dreaming about and thinking about Tigers now for a little while and so stay tuned for paintings in which they feature.

Happy Friday All and thank you to all of you who support my work. I am truly grateful..

Jasmine X

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