Mural painting in Beijing for Royal Stacks

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Good morning all from Beijing! I am so happy to be here painting for Royal Stacks Beijing in their soon to be opened store. You can read more about Royal Stacks China here.

I have wanted to visit mainland China for some time and so it is great to finally be here. I just keep going out of my comfort zone again and again and its incredible how far that approach to life can take you.

I have limited internet and social media here so please email; hello@jasminemansbridge.com and my PA Leesa in Australia, will be able to help you.

It is a real treat to be able to use my Hong Kong based brand, Eico Paint here as they have been so generous to me in the past.

I recently visited Hong Kong again and I am realising that one of the things I benefit from personally travelling to non English speaking countries, is the time for reflection and mental quietness. I like to talk and here you can just “be” with other people with out the expectation of conversation. I am learning from this as much as any other part of my experience.

More photos to come, but here are some pics from my first day.

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