Painting in the Fletcher Jones Gardens {Warnambool}

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Last weekend I was involved in a painting challenge at the Fletcher Jones gardens in Warnambool. The “paint off” was organised by the “f project” and the artists involved had two hours to paint a two by one metre canvas!.

Prepping my canvas!

Prepping my canvas!

The old factory buildings and the surrounding gardens were an inspirational backdrop to what was a really fun day.

The water tower

The water tower

One of my favourite parts of the old factory

One of my favourite parts of the old factory


Glenn Morgan and Alex Rees doing their thing

Glenn Morgan and Alex Rees doing their thing

I didn’t know how I would go trying to do such a big painting in such a small amount of time, and I must admit I wasn’t at all happy with the quite unfinished end result. But, it was great to be out of the house for the day doing my favourite thing!

me, speed painting...

me, speed painting…

Anyhow, I wouldn’t have been able to join in without my family entourage, which included my teenagers and my mother in law, I had to stop to feed Oscar twice, (I should have had a handicap!) which slowed me down a bit! I think its a wonderful idea though to get out of your comfort zone and I want to try this now in my home town. The winner of the challenge was Jess Meggs, who did a very cool portrait! The painting I did is for sale (will be a bargain!). Just get in touch if you are interested!

Have a wonderful day everyone …

Jasmine x

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  • Glynda

    Wow… I that is looking awesome… Loev the colours. Looks like you had a fun day.

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