Rtist Gallery Group Exhibition 30.04.29

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Last thursday night, I went along to the opening of 30.04.29 at the Rtist Gallery in Prahran. This was a group exhibition where my work was hung alongside a number of artists, including Gavin Brown & Jasper Knight. I was super happy to be in such good company and for me the night was a warm, friendly one and I really enjoyed meeting people I have previously only known by name.

Rtist Gallery Opening with Sarah Jane Muscat, Monica Adams, my daughter Eden and myself. 2013. Photo by Martina GemmolaI don’t live in Melbourne and so, to kill two birds with one stone I brought my daughter Eden along with me for company, (she is the beautiful girl in the blue & yellow dress, with the killer hair), we made a bit of a trip of it and had some rare time alone together. She enjoyed herself, although drank a few too many red bulls and took awhile to go to sleep that night.. (better mention she is my fourteen, not two year old daughter!)

gemmola Rtist pics Rtist pics by Gemmola 2013 Another highlight of the exhibition for me, was having the lovely, lovely Martina Gemmola show up with her camera and take these photos for me. We met at a Creative Women’s Circle meeting recently and have become fast firm friends, don’t you love it when these things happen?!

rtist pics by gemmola

Anyway, I recently read a quote that said, “it’s people in life that are the true treasures and happiness the true wealth“. I certainly came back from Melbourne smiling and feeling this to be so true. I feel very blessed in my life right now, by the people and opportunities that keep coming into it.  I can’t thank Sarah from the Rtist Gallery enough for all her hard work and for loving my work as much as I love creating it! If you want to see the exhibition, it is open for a few more weeks, so, if you are in the area, check the gallery website for opening details!

Thanks guys for all your support

Jasmine x

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  • Petrena

    Jasmine your art work on the wall looks stunning and so do you and Eden. Gosh she is no teeny weeny anymore but a young women. Remember how she could wear a size 2 demin skirt until she was about 6. Can’t wait to take them shopping in October. I’m going to find out where all the op shops are in Darwin and see what they have to offer plus go to all the great dress and shoes shops that have popped up in Darwin city which are just great. My sister June and I spent a day in Darwin city and were very impressed. Keep up the good work.

    • Jasmine

      she is a beautiful girl Petrena, and a great artist herself, I hope she is encouraged to follow her own creative path! Thank you for your kind words xx

  • Martina

    Jasmine your work is simply beautiful and I was so happy to document your proud moment! Western Victoria is lucky to have you, and I am so glad we can steal you and your talent away to Melbourne on the occasion. Well done gorgeous woman!

    • Jasmine

      thank you Martina… I do hope you will come visit soon xx

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