Taking Stock in June 2017 (not the ATO kind)….

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Do you follow Pip Lincolne from “Meet me at Mikes” ?.
I really like her warm, down to earth blog.

I did her “Taking Stock” list in 2011, (HERE), it is a bit of fun and a nice way to take note of the many changes in life. So much has changed since 2011, for me and I am guessing also for you.

Feel free to copy and paste her list and fill it out on Facebook or wherever you like to write! (I put it at the bottom of the page).

Here is mine;

Making : A quilt for my second oldest daughter’s upcoming 18th birthday, and another big painting in my now little studio.
Cooking : Lots of beetroot soup (with a dollop of natural yoghurt) yum.
Drinking : lemon juice and ginger, coffee and red wine.
Reading: A great book by Dani Shapiro; “Hourglass, Time, Memory and Marriage”
Trawling: Holiday accommodation in Tasmania.
Wanting: To go to Hong Kong, New York or London.
Looking: At Miranda Skoczek paintings I would love to buy.
Deciding: What colours to put in my painting.
Wishing: I had studied Architecture when I was younger.
Enjoying: My home life at the moment. My husbands work is quiet so everything is less busy.
Waiting: To travel again.
Liking: Birthday season in my little family.
Wondering: How I can possibly do all the things I need to get done.
Loving: Being 38.
Pondering: Everything too much.
Listening: To inspiring people’s Netflix documentaries, Harry Benson the photographer is an amazing one, (see his quote in the pics below).
Considering: getting a car I can run with bio diesel, tips in comments appreciated!!
Buying: Birthday presents, paint, plants.
Watching: Very little.
Hoping: I win the Archibald prize. (One day).
Marvelling: At how close I am to living my dream life.
Cringing: At how many wrinkles are appearing on my face.
Needing: Shampoo, Conditioner, Paint sealant, a bigger studio.
Questioning: The role Government plays in the ruination of the environment, how legislation on packaging could make a big difference on how much we waste.
Smelling: my two years olds head (I am typing while I wait for him to go to sleep).
Wearing: black painting jeans, copper skivvy and burgundy jumper.
Noticing: My children are growing up quickly now.
Knowing: That I am doing what I am meant to be doing.
Thinking: I have a reoccurring dream where I am flying a plane above the clouds with my children in the cockpit with me, what does that mean?
Admiring: People who use their influence for the greater good. People who take risks and succeed. Glamorous women. Beautiful tattoos. People who live off grid.
Getting: A bigger studio!
Bookmarking: Articles about new scientific discoveries on the brain.
Opening: Presents with the kids.
Closing: Doors of self doubt.
Feeling: Capable, worthy, sane, slightly under the weather, like being kind to myself.
Hearing: ABC Classical radio (while the kids drift off to sleep).
Celebrating: My family.
Pretending: I am not tired.
Embracing: That I am getting better at accepting my life for what it is, that my limitations are also my strengths, embracing new projects and new ways of thinking about my work.


There you go…

Another year half done,

Why not give this a go for yourself,

It actually is a good tool for a little self reflection..

Have a good one guys..

P.S. Don’t forget of you are in Melbourne on July 8 you can come here me chat alongside other Creative Women.. more info HERE 

P.S.S. My book “There is a Paintbrush in my Coffee” is getting lots of lovely reviews.. you can read them HERE . (Thanks to all who have reviewed!)..

P.S.S.S.  Paintings are currently a Tax Deductible purchase right! (Yay for me). If you are interested I have a couple of works for sale HERE.

No more p.s’s!!!! Ha ha…

Jasmine X

Just copy and paste these below to do your own bit of “taking stock”

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


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  • Samuel

    Thanks so much for sharing Jasmine, it is a really great exercise … I thought I would share mine.

    Making: Small victories every day.
    Cooking: Homemade honey toasted muesli.
    Drinking: Casamigo Tequila. Gawd – so good!
    Reading: The Design Files. I’m obsessive about re-reading old interviews – crazy inspirational.
    Trawling: Cheap flights to Reykjavik.
    Wanting: More me-time.
    Looking: Outside for what I should be finding inside.
    Deciding: Just how far I am willing to go.
    Wishing: I had the self-respect that I have now, 5 years ago.
    Enjoying: The mild Queensland winter.
    Waiting: For Jasmine Mansbridge to get a TDF feature! (I’m rooting for you baby!)
    Liking: Anything deep green.
    Wondering: Why Connor Franta hasn’t been featured on Ellen yet.
    Loving: My new-found talent for doing hyper-realist drawings with ordinary BIC pens.
    Pondering: Just how DAMN hard does it have to be to lose these extra kilos. Boy!
    Listening: DJ Khaled ft. Rhianna and Bryson Tiller “Wild Thoughts” … grooves baby.
    Considering: Running far away.
    Buying: Vintage Post-War Soviet Impressionist Portrait Art – I kid you not, I have 9 and counting …
    Watching: The last 5 episodes of the ENTIRE How I Met Your Mother series.
    Hoping: To strike true love …
    Marvelling: At those who have …
    Cringing: At those who think they have, but really haven’t.
    Needing: Space to myself.
    Questioning: Why Australia still doesn’t have marriage equality in 2017.
    Smelling: That amazing toasted muesli I said I was cooking!
    Wearing: Marcelo Burlon, County of Milan new season tee’s. Splurge.
    Noticing: All the amazing Australian artists blazing trails in the art scene near and far! Its amazing!
    Knowing: Something amazing is just about to happen. You know that feeling?
    Thinking: About doing weekend work as a barista. I’m qualified, so like … why not?
    Admiring: The risks some of my closest friends took to live their dream life.
    Getting: Helplessly angry at all the land clearing that is happening in the areas around my daily commute.
    Bookmarking: The site of every Australian creative I stumble across (for an upcoming project!)
    Opening: My eyes to just how loving the big wide world is. I mean it.
    Closing: Out the nay-sayers.
    Feeling: Lost sometimes … with nowhere to run.
    Hearing: The Arctic wind calling me. (I am dying to visit Iceland okay!)
    Celebrating: The dumb mistakes that end up being huge life lessons. It really, truly does happen.
    Pretending: To be all grown up when I just so aint.
    Embracing: My limitations and learning to make them work for me, not against me.

    • Jasmine

      Oh wow, thank you for sharing you list!. I am also obsessed with Iceland… it is on my to do list!P.S Muesli and Tequila such a good combo ha ha…. Cheers Jasmine X

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