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I have only recently moved to Victoria and therefore I’m really enjoying little day trips here and there, discovering whats about and looking at places with fresh eyes. One thing that particularly inspires me are the old buildings and bits and pieces of stuff scattered around the countryside. I feel a sense of nostalgia when I see ageing and abandoned houses and other landmarks, once prized possessions. It reminds me how short and precious life is. Perhaps this is why, even as a child I have always loved collecting different old things. To capture this feeling of sentimentality.

Recently, on a drive between Hamilton and the gorgeous Port Fairy I stopped at a dot of a place called Byaduk. Here I discovered the perfect place to find little treasures and pieces of history. The Byaduk General Store is owned by Robyn Hepburn-Gillard and it really is a little treat. Robyn is extremely friendly and lovely (see her pic) and seriously, wasn’t phased when I pulled up with four beach weary kids! Big call. She just calmly pulled out a lolly jar while I went, wow look at all this cool stuff! Happy kids, happy me.

A chat with Robyn revealed that she has a few neat plans for the future of the Store, including opening a B & B in the beautiful bluestone Cottage. Go Robyn, the country needs more passionate, happy people just like you!

I had to restrain myself with the picture taking & posting, to many cool things, so enjoy, and visit yourself sometime! I went home with a bridge chair, hatbox and vintage esky. My only fear writing this blog is a selfish one, imagining that the Store will be rushed on and there will be no more bargain goodies for me!

Please share with me if you have any similar favourite spots to shop.

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  • Petrena Ariston

    What great images and yes I can see you and the kids driving that car. Did you see any ducks to buy!!!! Hope to get down that way one day as I’m sure there are lots of charming places to stop and visit.

  • Bella

    The blog is cool

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