where it all began (mothering & painting)

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Today (being mother’s day), has me reflecting on my journey as a mother and an artist. For me the two parts of my life are inextricably linked. I became pregnant with my oldest daughter when I was seventeen and I quickly felt excluded from the day to day life of my friends, (parties, university, travelling etc..).

I had to find my own path. I had always been creative and I started thinking that a future as an artist could be a possibility for me. I saw it as something that I could fit seamlessly into my life as a parent.

So, painting/drawing, became the thing I looked forward to at every nap time and at the end of every day. It became my reason to stay home at night, company when I was alone and a means to supplement my income.

That was twenty years ago. I now have five children and my daily habit of painting still continues. In some ways nothing much has changed.

For all of you who have supported me to get to this point, so I can do what I do, thank you. Every work you have bought, every kind word and encouragement, all I can say is thank you. You have invested in my life.


The best is yet to come…

Jasmine X


Working on "Who is the us, and who is the them" with my son Jack doing some fill in. 2015

Working on “Who is the us, and who is the them” with my son Jack doing some fill in. 2015

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